Panels & Committee

Public Art Panels and Committees

The Public Art Committee is responsible for approving Calls to Artists, approving juries for projects, approving artists selected through the jury process for percent-for-art projects, and assisting staff in technical assistance and public information workshops.

The composition of the committee is defined by Public Art Administrative Procedure with 21 members: 7 appointed by the Tucson Pima Arts Council, 5 appointed by County Supervisors, 7 appointed by the Mayor and Council, and one each by the City Manager and the County Manager. The Chair is appointed by the Tucson Pima Arts Council Board Chair. The Chair can be a Board member or member of the community. Committee members appointed by TPAC may be Board members or members of the community.

Public Art Committee:

Amy J Wacker
Ann Keuper
Barbara Burstein, Chair
Carla Dominice-Newton
Chris Tanz
Darlene Showalter
Dick Eggerding
Emily Elias
Jeff Grubic
Kenna Smith
Kelly Huber
Lee Malaby
Maureen Lueck
Michelle Rouch
Mykl Wells
Roberta Zelikow
Susan Silverman
Terry Chandler

“Go There,” made of bronze and concrete, is featured at the new Pima County Psychiatric Hospital. Artist: John Christensen.