Public Art

TPAC administers active Percent for Art programs for the City of Tucson and Pima County. This includes facilitating the artist selection process with panels composed of community members and artists who choose the artist they deem most qualified to be awarded each commission. TPAC coordinates project teams that oversee the production and installation of artwork in City and County facilities, transportation projects, neighborhood centers, and parks.

Through the Public Art and Community Design Committee, TPAC manages the review of artworks being considered for donation into two public collections. These works add to the growing number of sculptures and murals featured throughout the region.

The Public Art and Community Design Program also sponsors technical assistance workshops and public art in private development initiatives. Efforts are underway to develop a new Public Art Master Plan, updating 1994’s most recent comprehensive look at local public art practices, opportunities, and directions.

Since 1986, over 200 public art projects have been completed in metropolitan Tucson and Pima County. Take the opportunity to view the gallery, or step out into the community to visit the public art collection in person!

TPAC also offers public forums and other opportunities to meet artists and hear their great stories about creating public art. Sign up for TPAC’s newsletter for upcoming details or stop back here for announcements.

"For Speed These Lines," a sculpture featured at Iron Horse Park at 10th Street and 3rd Avenue. Artists: John Davis and Siobhan Roome.