Open Studio Tour

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New 2014 Open Studio Tour Website!


Despite drastic funding and staffing cuts TPAC is delivering an OST program to you and our community of art lovers without increasing fees to artists or charging the public. The Tour is a direct manifestation of our mission to foster artistic expression, civic participation and the economic growth of our diverse community by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture. Therefore, TPAC will continue the tradition of presenting the fall tour on November 8th and 9th.

In order to produce the tour without raising costs TPAC has moved to an online model that includes registration and payment, an artist directory, and printable options for the public. However, TPAC will not be generating printed materials or directories or sponsoring a preview show. Printed directories limit registration deadlines to meet print deadlines and drain funds away from more effective broad-based advertising. The preview show was a very labor intensive event that we no longer have the staff to implement, even with the great support of our OST volunteer committee. This model replicates the national best practice model for studio tours.

Transitioning to a virtual model expands opportunities for artists. The online directory puts your artwork in front of a global audience with a few clicks; and part of the tour package will be the live directory for one year. For many; online registration processes can introduce digital programming knowledge that will translate into new skills for you that can open up the possibilities of applying for a multitude of online artist opportunities.  Technical assistance is available for first-timers in need of support.

Technology can guide art lovers across a virtual path from your studio to your colleague’s on the other side of town with the use of a PC computer, a Mac, a laptop, a desktop, an ipad and your phone.  Everyone can access these ports repeatedly, anytime, anywhere without worrying about losing a hard copy directory. Online directory links can be included in all social media promotions offering immediate access and sharing.

The leap to a fully virtual tour is making it possible to continue to offer OST to our community.

We hope we can count on your dedication in support of arts education and our art community during this transition. We look forward to your participation for a successful launch of OST 2014.

While changes can be challenging, without this modification we would be announcing the cancellation of the tour. We will continue to fully advertise and promote OST and anticipate a very successful 2014 fall tour. Thank you for your continued support as we create new and innovative ways to support artist and the arts in our community.  We will be inviting artist feedback with a post-tour survey.


The Open Studio Tour is coordinated by the Tucson Pima Arts Council, with support from the City of Tucson, and Pima County.

The Open Studio Tour was made possible with the generous support of our Sponsors: