Animating Democracy Toolkit

In September 2011, Animating Democracy hosted a professional development program focusing on the arts and civic engagement. The primary goal of this workshop was to build knowledge and practical skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating artistic programs that have goals for civic engagement and dialogue.


Animating Democracy Toolkit in .pdf format…

Continuum of Impact

Arts and Equity Evaluation Plan

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Case studies

A collection of online case studies provides in-depth portraits and analysis of arts and humanities-based civic dialogue projects, many supported by the Animating Democracy Lab. They offer detailed description of the civic issue addressed by the project, civic and cultural context, project goals, design, actual arts/humanities components, and artistic and dialogic methodologies.


IMPACT is a storehouse of resources for those who make a difference through the arts and who want to understand what difference they’re making.

Essays and Commissioned writings

Essays and articles written and commissioned by Animating Democracy explore philosophical, practical, and aesthetic dimensions of civically engaged arts and humanities work.

Two-Way Mirror Study: Ethnography as a Way to Assess Civic Impact of Arts-based Engagement in Tucson, Arizona

Author: Maribel Alvarez

Abstract:  Finding Voice, a program supported by the Tucson Pima Arts Council (TPAC) and Every Voice in Action Foundation, helps refugee and immigrant youth develop a better understanding of their Tucson neighborhood and U.S. culture by photographing and writing about issues in their lives and communities. As part of Animating Democracy’s Arts & Civic Engagement Impact Initiative, TPAC collaborated with ethnographer and evaluator Maribel Alvarez to learn how principles and practices of ethnography could be applied as qualitative evaluation strategies as well as help TPAC reconceptualize its approach to assessing civic impact toward more effective casemaking with local civic leaders.

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.