Community Cultural Development

The Community Cultural Development program focuses on leveraging local and national investment in community development, civic engagement, mechanisms of marketing support, neighborhood  community cultural development and private-public partnerships to ensure that public funds are supporting the on-going cultural vitality of our region and its residents.  The program is committed to responding to the needs of Tucson and Pima County’s creative economies.

Supported by the Pima County the program provides opportunities for participation and engagement in arts and cultural practice. Through artist residencies in schools, exhibits, grants, and workforce development, the program encourages critical thinking and civic dialogue, helping the residents of Tucson and Pima County engage in lifelong learning and community building through the arts. The program also promotes cultural and heritage tourism by showcasing and promoting the rich, diverse cultural expressions throughout the region.


Animating Democracy Cultural Planning Toolkit

Two-Way Mirror Study: Ethnography as a Way to Assess Civic Impact of Arts-Based Engagement in Tucson, Arizona

TPAC Social Impact of the Arts Project: Documenting Civic Engagement

TPAC initiatives: Pima Cultural Plan, Civic Engagement, Cultural Asset Mapping and community-based research


“Arts and Community Building: Cultural institutions and artists animate our communities, bring disparate people together to share common experiences, and help us imagine a better future. As the demographics of our communities become more diverse, artists and cultural institutions help us bridge differences and build cross-cultural understanding. As our economy struggles, creative enterprises and creative sector leaders offer hope for community renewal and new job development.”

— The Kresge Foundation

Learn more about TPAC’s P.L.A.C.E. initiative, a community cultural development program funded in part by the Kresge Foundation.