Arts Education

The Tucson Pima Arts Council believes that the arts are vital to a comprehensive education for children and adults. Our efforts foster lifelong learning in diverse arts and cultural environments and traditions. TPAC encourages arts-based civic engagement and active community dialogue that helps the residents of Tucson and Pima County find avenues of expression and meaning.

Our learning and programming approach involves partnerships with artists, arts organizations, educators and funders that seek to accomplish the following:

  • Advance the disciplinary knowledge of the arts
  • Support the artistic advancement of youth
  • Support arts integration in schools and community activity
  • Stimulate civic engagement activity that builds the cultural literacy and vitality of our community

Through professional development workshops, public lectures, direct support for artists and projects, and arts education residencies, we create art learning opportunities for the community as a whole.

Etongo Eckyochi (right in glasses) and fellow Finding Voice students edit their photographs and Power Point Presentation in Julie Kasper’s classroom. Photo by Josh Schachter.