Local Arts Index

The Local Arts Index is a federal project coordinated by Americans for the Arts (AFTA). This is the first project of its kind, and it is designed to complement the National Arts Index – an annual measure of the health and vitality of the arts in the United States. The Local Arts Index is also designed to provide a common language around describing local conditions and facilitate the ability to make cross-community comparisons.

Primary and secondary data will include nonprofit and commercial arts activity for twelve indicators:

  1. Performing arts venues
  2. Local ownership of local cultural resources
  3. Local literary scene
  4. Arts festivals
  5. Provision of arts education
  6. Performance and presentation opportunities for young artists
  7. Coverage of local arts and culture in print media
  8. Reputation of artistic reach
  9. Tourism draw of local arts and culture
  10. Nightlife and the arts
  11. Tourism marketing of the arts
  12. Ethnic groups in the cultural life of the community
  13. Public art
  14. Exhibition spaces