Arts & Economic Prosperity

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV (AEP IV) is a federal study coordinated by Americans for the Arts (AFTA) that builds on AEP III, which was completed in 2005. The most recent data provides  surprising insights into the impact of arts and culture on the economy of Southern Arizona, summarized in TPAC’s report Creating Prosperity.

In gathering data for AEP IV, TPAC assisted AFTA in collecting data about the arts and culture environment in Pima County in three ways.

As a first step, TPAC developed a comprehensive list of nonprofit arts and culture organizations in the county, bringing to bear an understanding of the kinds of services and programming individual organizations offer.

In the next phase, TPAC enlisted organizations in utilizing the Arizona Cultural Data Project (AZCDP) and completing their organizational profiles. AZCDP  is an online management tool that strengthen arts and cultural organizations by gathering reliable data on the arts and culture sector.

In the third and last phase, TPAC solicited audience surveys designed to capture demographic and economic data from art patrons around the county, with the goal of measuring the economic impact of arts and culture programming.