Panels and Committee

2014-2015 GOS (General Operating Support):
Quality of Life List of Panelists:

Alfred Quiroz
Craig Sumberg
David Sherman
Donna Somma
Eric Holtan
Jeff Grubic
John-Peter Wilhite
Josh Schachter
Karen Hymer
Kathleen Velo
Mary Lou Natividad
Michael Fenlason
Michelle Orduna
Nic Hartmann
Sandra  Um
Susan Franano
Therese Perrault
Tyler Meier
Vanessa Ford
Vicky Westover

Thank you for generously contributing your time to the panel process.


The Grants Committee includes community members with an expertise in the arts, arts management, and/or nonprofit administration. The Grants Committee functions as an advisory group to TPAC’s Board of Directors. Committee members establish guidelines for the application process and review of grant applications and awards, as well as make allocation recommendations to the Board of Directors.

2014-15 Grants Committee:

Jeff Grubic, Musician

Jim Glock, Arts Advocate

Eric Holtan, Music Director, Tucson Chamber Artists

Karen Thompson Hymer, Artist

Michele Orduña, M.Ed,  Arts Advocate-Community Development Professional

Kathleen Velo, Teaching Artist

Denise Uyehara, Performance Artist