Panels and Committee

The Grants Committee includes community members with an expertise in the arts, arts management, and/or nonprofit administration. The Grants Committee functions as an advisory group to TPAC’s Board of Directors. Committee members establish guidelines for the application process and review of grant applications and awards, as well as make allocation recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Grants Committee:


Jim Glock, Arts Advocate

Eric Holtan, Music Director, Tucson Chamber Artists

Karen Thompson Hymer, Artist

Michele Orduña, M.Ed,  Arts Advocate-Community Development Professional

Josh Schachter, Teaching Artist

Craig Sumberg, Executive Director, Fox Theater

Kathleen Velo, 
Teaching Artist

John-Peter Wilhite, Executive Director, Sonoran Glass Foundation

Grant Panelists 2016

Eileen Bagnall
Adam Cooper-Teran
Amy Zuckerman
Bjorgvin Benedlktsson
Christian Ramirez
Craig Sumberg
Elva De La Torre
Eric Holtan
Heather Gray
Jackie Kain
Jeff Grubic
Jim Glock
John-Peter Wilhite
Josh Schachter
Julie Ray
Karen Wiese
Karen Hymer
Kathleen Velo
Lendre Kearns
Lynn Davis
Margie Torres
Mari Broce
Martin Levy
Michael Martinez
Michele Orduna
Robin Blackwood
Roxane Ramos
Sarah Kortmeier
Sharon O’Brien
Simmons Buntin
T. Loving
Teré Fowler-Chapman
Tyler Meier
Veletta Canouts