General Operating Support (GOS)

Application available late August, 2015 – Exact dates TBA

The 2014-2015 GOS Quality of Life Grant is designed to sustain and grow the vitality of our non-profit arts and cultural sector by supporting the presentation, aesthetic advancement and engagement with art and culture in Tucson and Pima County.

 Eligibility – Who Can Apply

Non-profit organizations whose primary focus is to provide art programs and/or services that are open and accessible to the citizens of Tucson and Pima County.

o   All organizations must operate within the Tucson City Limits.

In addition:

  • 30% of its Board of Directors must reside in Tucson-Pima County.
  • 30% of its projects must be produced on an annual basis in Tucson-Pima County.
  • The organization must maintain an office presence with an address in Tucson-Pima County.
  • Applicants must have a history of programming within Tucson-Pima County for three consecutive years that includes the current year.
  • If you have been awarded a GOS grant in the last grant cycle (2013/2014) you must have sent in your last CDP report prior to applying for a 2014/2015 GOS Grant.

Restrictions Eligibility

  • Any agency that receives more than 50% of its total gross income (in the last fiscal year) from a combined total of local public sources (City of Tucson or Pima County).
  • Any division or department of municipal, county, state or federal government, including elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and school districts.
  • Political and/or religious organizations and committees.
  • Private and non-profit schools (except for those whose sole purpose is arts education.Restrictions  Grants cannot be awarded for:
    • Travel outside Pima County (travel into Pima County is acceptable).
    • Debt retirement, capital improvement, purchase of real property, tuition costs, refreshment costs, or establishing or augmenting endowment fund

Organizations are required to have paid professional staff based on the size of the annual budget:

  • Budget over $100,000: at least one full-time paid professional staff
  • Budget between $50,000 and $100,000: at least one part-time paid professional staff
  • Organizations with budgets under $50,000 can use volunteer support



Most Current TPAC Funder Report from the Arizona Cultural Data Project
This year the Tucson Pima Arts Council is requesting a report from each GOS grant recipients most current fiscal data contained in a TPAC Funder Report. If you need assistance generating a TPAC Funder Report please contact the help desk at The Arizona Cultural Data Project.

The Arizona CDP Help Desk is open from 9am-8pm ET, Monday-Friday.


Borderlands Theater, one of 30 GOS 2013-2014 Grant Awardees.
Courtesy of Borderlands Theater. All rights retained.

GOS 2014-15 Grant Materials: