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Name and Logo Use Guidelines

Our name signifies a commitment to the arts and culture. As the leading pass-through agency for public funding of the arts and culture in Tucson and Pima County, the Tucson Pima Arts Council helps hundreds of artists and arts organizations, and touches the lives of thousands of people.

Our Name

DO list us on all promotional and programmatic materials, and refer to us, when verbally acknowledging sponsors, as “[the] Tucson Pima Arts Council.”

DO NOT use “Tucson-Pima” or ”Tucson/Pima”

Our Logo

Our Addy Award-Winning logo represents our effort, energy, and commitment to the arts in Tucson. Our logo is an expressive and multi-dimensional arts “energy ball” pulsating in a field of otherwise one-dimensional dots.

When creating print materials featuring our name or logo, please use of these standards. The guidelines for usage are essential to the strong visual identity and name recognition of the Tucson Pima Arts Council.

Size: Please ensure a minimum reproduction size so that “Tucson Pima Arts Council” is legible. The placement of your audiences and the distance from which the logo is viewed should always be considered.


Logo color version Pantone Color CMYK Color
warm brown Pantone 11 50:55:55:25
orange Pantone 137 0:35:85:0
purple Pantone 2592 50:85:0:10
lime green Pantone 376 51:0:100:0
red Pantone 192 0:99:37:0



Logo color version RGB Values Hex RGB Values
warm grey 104,106,111 686a6f
orange 254,168,23 fea817
purple 143,32,180 8f20b4
blue 54,0,255 3600ff
green 121,186,0 79ba00
red 235,24,77 eb184d


DO NOT reshape or condense the logo.

DO NOT use the graphic illustration or the text alone.

Logos for downloading

For email and web (32k/200k JPEG):

For good quality printing (100k/1.5M JPEG):

For high quality EPS:

Small web logos
with color options

black & 50% grey
2 color black & 50% gray (16k)

black logo
1 color black jpg (16k)

black & grey logo
2 color black & gray jpg (16k)

gold logo
4 color gold jpg

green logo
4 color green jpg

blue logo
4 color blue jpg

red logo
4 color red jpg