Board and Staff

Board of Directors:

Patricia Moran Benton – Board Secretary
Sue De Benedette
Susan Franano
Susan Gamble
Felipe Garcia
James W. Glock – Board President
Kenya Johnson
Julie L Lauterbach-Colby – Board Vice President
Curtis J. McCrary
Evan Mendelson
Michele Orduna
Charles M. (Corky) Poster – Board Vice President
Sarah J. Stanton
Mark Wight, CPA, MBA
John-Peter Wilhite
Betty J. Villegas – Immediate Past President


The Board of Directors meets every fourth Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Please call to verify dates and locations.


Executive Director
Roberto Bedoya
(520) 624-0595 x25

Operations Manager
Debi Chess Mabie

(520) 624-0595 x15

Public Art Program Manager
Mary Ellen Wooten
(520) 624-0595 x12

Public Art Assistant Manager
Jeff DaCosta
(520) 624-0595 x16

Grants Program Manager
Denise Uyehara
(520) 624-0595 x18

Accounting Manager
Tina Eggert
(520) 624-0595 x11

Office Administrator
Rebecca Springer
(520) 624-0595 x10

Press Contact
All press inquiries should be addressed to
or (520) 624-0595 x10.