New Works Grant Recipients 2015

TPAC is pleased to announce the New Works Awardees for 2015-2016 in the disciplines of dance, performance art, theater and music. Each awardee will receive $3000 to create new, innovative work.

NEW WORKS Artist Grant Recipients 2015:

James Colby
Sanoura: Cuts on Tucson, musical compositions made from field recording samples that explore contrasting geographic sites within Tucson.

Geneva Foster Gluck
My Mother Revolution, a performance exploring the young female artist and traveler as historian, while archiving her mother’s photographs taken during the 70s counter culture movement.

Adam Cooper-Teran/Verbobala
Santa Cruz Sounding, a series of transdisciplinary theater performances, presented in open air at specific sites in the Tucson Basin.

Mele Martinez
Luz, a flamenco dance project honoring mothers who live and work as artists.

Yvonne Montoya
Reflection: Motherhood and the Performing Arts, an interdisciplinary dance and online blog series on the art of parenting.